Sunday, 5 September 2010

Carthage ,Covent Garden, London

On the hunt for somewhere cheap but decent on our first night, we headed for Covent Garden to have a wander around. After doing a lap of the main area we ventured down a street just off the piazza. We spotted a little Mediterranean restaurant  with a starter and main offer for £10, the place seemed reasonably busy so taking this as a good sign we went in. 

The place was small and decorated in a middle eastern Arabian nights theme and had only one waiter who was doing everything from serving, clearing away and taking orders. I ordered a Sicilian sausage with tomato dip for my starter followed by lamb tagine, the Other Half ordered falafal and lamb moussaka.
The starters arrived quickly, arriving in a little lift from the kitchen, as you can see from the picture it was a bowl of delicately flavoured tomato sauce with chopped pieces of Sicilian sausage, it was very tasty and I could have quite happily finished another few bowls. The main arrived shortly afterwards, a large tagine consisting of lamb, vegetables, chickpeas and sauce. The vegetables were nothing special and seemed to be there just to bulk the dish up, the lamb however was beautifully cooked, still pink in the middle and falling apart, swimming, or more like drowning considering the amount, in a tasty meaty sauce which I had to request a spoon to finish off as it seemed a shame to waste.

The final bill (including a couple of drinks) came to £31, quite a bargain for the quality and the amount of food and in the centre of London.

Carthage Restaurant
Covent Garden
9 King Street

Nearest Underground: Covent Garden

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  1. it is good value and the food is delicious and makes a pleasant change from the usual italian food in the area

  2. SOunds like another of the hiddem gems amongst the better known restaurants in Covent Garden. The food looks great, I do love a good lamb tagine. Carthage is at the top of my restaurants to visit.