Monday, 20 September 2010

The Blue Bell, York

 Easily my favourite pub in York. a perfect example of how a pub should be in my opinion. Located on Fossgate a bit off the beaten tourist path, The Blue Bell is York's smallest pub, it consists of two very small rooms with a bar separating each room, a long corridor joins each room and is usually a drinking location when the rooms are full and by full I mean no more than ten people in each room. It is quite a novel experience ordering a pint through a little hatch in the backroom or standing at the door into the bar area.
For a tiny pub, there is quite a good selection of ale, along with a scrumpy cider, crammed onto the bar all in perfect condition. the pub still retains its fixtures that have been there since 1906 and the back room is like someones old fashioned living room, with a mantle piece, fire and various random pieces of furniture, very cosy in winter.
The pub has 3 rules however;
1. No Large Groups
2. No Swearing
3. No Mobile Phones.


The Blue Bell
53 Fossgate
North Yorkshire,
01904 654 904

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  1. That is a cool pub by the sounds of it. I will look out for that one next time I am in York.