Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hibiscus, London

 Hibiscus is a French 2 Michelin Star restaurant located on Maddox Street,London. run by Chef Claude Bosi, the restaurant relocated from Ludlow, Shropshire to its current London location.

The Restaurant
The restaurant is located down a little street near Hamley's Toy Store, it is quite unobtrusive and if you were not paying attention you could easily walk right past it without noticing. The atmosphere is very informal and rather loud compared with the more formal serenity of Marcus Wareing's restaurant. The restaurant is decorated in a very minimalist way, simple beige colours with various art pieces around the restaurant.
We were shown to our seat and given the menus to browse, a small ceramic dish was brought over containing olives to nibble on whilst reading the menu. The Other Half finished these off as I cant stand them. We went for the lunch offer of 3 courses, a glass of wine and after dinner chocolates for £38 per person. I opted for a starter of lobster and salmon on leeks with a pea puree, a main of chicken with foie gras and dessert of raspberry sorbet on a white peach salad with pistachio ice cream. The lobster dish was delicately flavoured with the salmon and lobster complimenting each other with neither flavour overpowering. The main was three large pieces of chicken rolled with foie gras, a very very rich dish with an interesting complimenting texture of the beans. The dessert was very refreshing with perfectly ripe juicy white peaches with sharpness of the raspberry sorbet. The pistachio ice cream seemed to be an after thought served on a dish alongside, it was however very good. My personal highlight of the meal was the amuse bouche, a small goblet was brought over containing a watermelon and pineapple cocktail, we were informed to take a few sips and then shot the rest. We did as instructed and experienced an amazing flavour sensation. the pineapple juice was contained in little capsules, I presume made from a technique using calcium chloride and sodium aliginate to form a sturdy bubble of liquid. each bubble exploded releasing little flashes of pineapple combined with the watermelon, amazing.


Raspberry Sorbet

The service was very good, the sommelier was very knowledgeable considering he looked very young and the waiting staff were very well informed of each dish to answer any questions.

Excellent french food with a slightly modern touch and quite a good lunch offer for a 2 Michelin starred restaurant.

Hibiscus Restaurant
29 Maddox Street,
020 7629 2999
Nearest Underground Station: Oxford Circus

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