Sunday, 19 September 2010

My Top 5 Pubs in York

 York has got to be one of my favourite cities, beautiful architecture, a wide varied collection of quaint shops and a sense of history at every turn but one thing i really like about the city is, of course, it's vast collection of real ale pubs. I am unsure of the exact number but its rumoured to be in the hundreds both inside and outside the city walls. Being a regular visitor, albeit not as regular as I'd like, I have visited a few of these so I thought I would do a post on my top 5.

5. The Kings Arms
Located on the bank of the River Ouze, this pub serves Sam Smiths beer, for those ale drinkers among you this means cheap but good beer. The pub itself is not great its a bit grimy and it gets packed by every tourist in York ( or seems that way at times). The reason I have include this is because once you have battled through the crowds, got a drink and found a spot on the bank of the river on a beautiful summers day, then you just forget all that and watch the world go by. Perfect in Summer, head somewhere else in Winter.
Kings Arms

4. Maltings
Those of you who frequent York by train will probably know of this pub due to its close proximity to the station. Its possesses a dramatic black stone exterior, which can be slightly off putting but if you get over that and wander in then you won't be disappointed. It is a small one roomed pub decorated with; tiled floor, old style tin signs, a bar made of old doors and for some reason the days broadsheet papers in frames in the gents toilet. The Maltings serves plenty of real ales and ciders and there will be a drink that takes your fancy. Great pub.

3. The Golden Fleece
The most haunted pub in Britain (apparently). If this sort of thing appeals then that reason alone is worth visiting, the rest of us can enjoy a decent pub. It may or may not be the most haunted but it can claim to be one of York's oldest, dating back to the 16th century. The beer range is not very adventurous with most of the usual suspects making an appearance, Black Sheep, Taylors etc. It is decorated in traditional pub style, with photos and little pieces of history on the walls. Located at the end of The Shambles.
Golden Fleece

2. The York Brewery Pubs
I couldn't decide which of the pubs owned by the cities brewery as my number 2, so I've included them all. Each pub serves the breweries beers alongside a couple of guests and they all serve bar meals. I'll try and keep the descriptions brief. Yorkshire Terrier - cosy and intimate, located behind a little shop selling bottles and merchandise from the brewery. Three Legged Mare - open and light, almost like a wine bar. Last Drop Inn - sort of a cross between a bar and a pub. Each is worth a visit for their own individual personalities.

Three Legged Mare
Yorkshire Terrier
The Last Drop Inn

1. The Blue Bell
I think this one needs its own post - The Blue Bell


  1. did you do these all in one day? You must be sozzled!

  2. not this weekend, but on previous weekends these plus more have been visited. next day was painful