Sunday, 26 September 2010

Distrikt, Leeds

I have wanted to visit Distrikt for awhile, so after reading reasonably good reviews about the food and hearing about the unusual design for an eating establishment we went along.
Distrikt is located on Duncan Street down a small alley, in which for some reason, tables and chairs appear during the day and evening. It wouldn't be my choice to eat or drink there but I'm assuming its for the smokers. The entrance is similar to entering a club and the restaurant, if you can call it that, is located underground. The club theme continues at the bottom of the staircase with quite a dark room with a well stocked bar, tables and booths which we eventually moved to when one emptied.
We were quickly greeted by a pleasant member of staff who provided us with the menus, while browsing we ordered cocktails which were on a 2-4-1 offer. I ordered a Mojito and the Other Half ordered a Cosmopolitan, now either the waitress got very confused or the offer didn't allow two different ones to be ordered because two Mojitos and two cosmopolitans arrived which amused but hey its 2-4-1 so we drank them anyway.
The food is Tapas style with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and British influences, we decided to pick five and a meat sharing platter.

Smoked mackerel brandade with pita crisp.
Harrissa chicken wings with lime aioli.
Sticky caraway short ribs.
Rare beef, foraged salad and horseradish.
Meat and cheese platter.
Mussels in wheat beer

Ribs and Mussels
Mackerel and Chicken Wings

Meat and Cheese Platter

The food was very good, we chose to get the dishes as they were made instead of all at once, which I think is probably the best way because we could enjoy each dish individually. My particular favourite was the rare beef, soft and tender and perfectly cooked.
Afterwards we ordered some of the tapas puddings.
BBQ banana with Jack Daniels, chocolate and toffee
Summer fruit crumble
Crumble and JD Banana

The puddings were also very good, the crumble in particular was very fresh with crunchy crumble and huge pieces of fruit in a sauce that wasn't too sweet or too sour.
Service was slightly haphazard but good, the waitress completely forgot to return to take our pudding orders but was very apologetic when she realised, she was also very informative about the dishes and exactly how much food we were ordering.
The final bill came to £31 (minus the cocktails). Excellent value for the quality and amount of food we received.

7 Duncan Street,
0113 243 3674

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