Sunday, 12 September 2010

Calls Landing, Leeds

On the hunt for food on a sunny afternoon, we decided to head to The Calls Landing to try it out. located on the riverside, the pub/restaurant is rather quite spacious. It advertises itself as a stew and oyster kitchen and so on the menu, which was a chalkboard inside, were 3 stews and oyster selections. I was told that the kitchen was being refitted so this was all they were able to make. I was disappointed no to find any decent ales on offer especially with the prominence of the Theakstons logo, the bar had the usual suspects on and a not to shabby bottle selection, I settled for a pint of the Black Stuff.
We each opted for the chilli over a vegetarian Butternut squash stew and a intriguing Cowboy stew of Cumberland sausage and baked beans and sat outside in their small riverside beer garden. Service was speedy, I would have been annoyed if it wasn't considering stews do not take much effort to serve. The dishes themselves were very nicely presented, a large bowl of flavoursome chilli with the right amount of spice giving it a slight burn, it was very good. It was topped off with shavings of Cheddar, sour cream and rocket leaves and served with very soft white bread. I would have preferred a carbohydrate to go with it (other than bread) such as rice or a jacket potato but it was quite filling without it.

The final bill (paid upon ordering) was £13 (not including drinks). Reasonable value for lunch and quite tasty chilli.

Calls Landing
36-38 The Calls

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