Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sate, Indonesia. Olympic Food Challenge

I had toyed with doing Rendang for Indonesia and I probably will cook it at some point because it sounds delicious. However the end is in sight and I needed something quick for a starter type dish. Browsing the excellent Rasa Malaysia website which helpfully has a category for Indonesia. I found this recipe for Indonesian Sate

Sate is a your choice of meat, cubed, I went for Pork, marinated overnight in a bloody good marinade before being barbecued to caramelised perfection on skewers and served with two different sauces. I altered things a bit mainly because I'm a forgetful idiot.

Firstly I didn't barbecue them, mainly because I don't have a barbecue. Instead I griddled them.

I didn't put them onto skewers like they are supposed to be because I forgot to buy any, I also didn't make the second of the sauces involving peanut butter because again I forgot to buy it.

I did everything else though and it resulted in a very tasty charred pork dipped in a lovely sweet, salty and sour sauce.

Next time I shall make the other sauce and give that ago.

Indonesia by the way have been a member of the IOC since 1952 and usually pick up a medal or two at some point.

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  1. Now this looks bloody good. I'm glad you've arrived here! Well done for your commitment to this!