Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cocodas, Boliva, Olympic Food Challenge

Cocodas are basically coconut macaroons, no not those little fancy french meringue things, they are Macarons.

Cocodas also p*** me off.

According to my research there are hundreds of different recipes and some of them are shocking, such as the one for my first attempt. I spent a good half an hour hacking into and grating a coconut, (never doing this again since I discovered creamed coconut) before commencing with the recipe. The quantities were off by miles, the instructions were vague and it failed before it even got started.

Anyway, Attempt the Second. This recipe was infinitely more simple. Can I also just say at this point that whoever created the 'cup' measuring system is a moron. Anyway this recipe was a case of mix everything together and bake, well I did and they all melted together to form two large biscuits *sighs* but they did taste nice, sweet and coconutty.

Recipe here: Cocodas Recipe

Bolivia have been a member of the IOC since 1936 and have yet to win a medal, probably too busy making stupid recipes, yes I am still bitter.

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