Thursday, 23 August 2012

Jamie's 12 hour Rabbit Bolognese

There are hundreds of food programmes available to watch, chances are if I picked up the remote now it wouldn't take me long to find a food programme. The shows I watch I usually pay some attention to, maybe to pick up a new skill or technique, chances are I'll see a recipe that I will think to give a go but then promptly forget about it after it's finished.

However after watching Mr Oliver's excellent Great Britain series, one recipe lodged itself in the back of my head and didn't leave, his 12 hour rabbit bolognese.

The recipe is available here or I do recommend getting the book, it's only a fiver on the Book People website currently.

So then the recipe, well they don't get more easy or more fun than this one. Frying the bacon at the beginning is about all the cooking required. Everything is just shoved in a pot, veg are unprepped apart from a quick wash and chopped into half or thirds. The rabbit is dropped in, offal and all. Onion and garlic are dropped in whole and unpeeled. Then a lid is put on, it's put in the oven and left for 12 hours to slowly bubble away.

All the veg and rabbit

Just before the oven, 12 hours to go.

After 12 hours
After 12 hours then the fun begins, a pair of clean marigold are donned and everything is smooshed together and the little bones are picked out and removed. If you pick up the onion and squash it and the result doesn't raise the slightest smile then you need help.

The result is a vast pot of a rich meaty sauce, full of flavour and more than capable of feeding at least 10. It stated 14 people which I had doubts but the amount of meat that came off one rabbit is quite incredible.

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  1. god that meaty sauce looks so rich and tasty... I can smell it from here and may have to hunt you down for some of that!!... had a rabbit lasagne once and it was rank so I hope this tastes as good as it looks!!!