Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Test Space Kitchen 2, Leeds

After the delightful experience of the first Test Space Kitchen, I was quite happy to find out the next one would have a fish and seaside theme.

Here's what the line up looked like this time:

Marvel at the giant knickerbocker glory!
Compete in the extreme jelly-eating competition!
Gasp in wonder and delight at our very own Sunshine Bakery’s award-winning cup cakes!
Laugh (heartily) at rib-tickling comedians!
Risk health and dignity in the game of Super Secret Shots!
Taste the delicious twisted fish & chip stylings of Fish&, created by Andrew Critchett and Fiona Rotheray!
Play the well-know Hit Things With Other Things game!
Throw caution to the wind with Russian Roulette Vol-au-Vents!
Listen to fantastic, fruity and downright filthy sea shanties!
Enjoy a special, seaside-themed YouTube DJ set by the wonderful Tim Ineaux

The location this time was in another room of the stunning Temple Works and was a bit more informal this time with a variety of tables and stools instead of the lines of tables of the first. This time around they seemed to be concentrating on the entertainment more than the food, which was the centre piece of the whole event last time.
The entertainment prior to the meal consisted of several, end of the pier, style stalls including a coconut shy, minus the coconuts, but with the more than satisfying range of smashable ornaments with Sunshine Bakery cupcakes for the crack shots (Me! woop!). Another stall consisted of 6 shots with a dice to decide which one you would receive, I was lucky and ended up with Butterscotch Schnapps and a black vodka. The final stall consisted of a roulette table with various canapes, again I appeared to be lucky, avoiding the spiked chilli canapes.
Random Shots

Canape Roulette
My prize cupcake
Kinckerbocker Glory
The food this time around consisted of fish and chips with a twist courtesy of Fish&, apparently there were different batters. The one I received was lemon flavoured but there was a chilli one floating around. It was very tasty, crispy batter with soft flesh. Afterwards Indie Ices came round with Mango Kulfi ice lolly's which were really lovely and then the huge Knickerbocker Glory was served which was very very sweet but tasty.

Entertainment after the food came in the form of amateur comedians, which were quite amusing. Especially when one of them decided to set an 'official' world record by rolling a Malteaser down a measuring tape into someones mouth. Guess who was the unwilling recipient  of the Malteaser!! There was also one of the greatest responses to being heckled I've seen, dragging them up to play rock, paper, scissors. Genius.

I had to leave early due to a prior commitment but apparently later on there were dancers with candyfloss.

Another good evening courtesy of Test Space Kitchen, its a pity that this is the last one. 

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