Sunday, 24 October 2010

Random Continental-style Dinner

After trying and failing miserably to get a booking for one of the restaurants me and the Other Half wanted to visit, we decided to have a few beers then head to the local supermarket for a stay at home dinner, here's what we left with;

Italian Prosciutto, French Saucisson with herbs, Chorizo, Sliced pork loin with herbs
French Goats Cheese, Applewood smoked Cheddar,  Pecronio
Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, Rocket
Breadsticks, Crackers, Garlic and onion dip, Ciabatta

Total came to £22, bit pricey you may think but considering we would have spent more than that eating out and there was easily enough for four people it wasn't bad at all. Sandwiches for the next few days I think.

Quite nice way to spend an evening working through tasty meats and cheese


  1. I love this kind of meal, it's so simple and indulgent but sooooo tasty... and you can pick at it all night long!

  2. This is my kinda meal - yummy!