Sunday, 17 October 2010

Birthday Cake - Decoration

The Finished Product   

Regalice- any colour you like, 500g pack will make double the roses you see in the picture.
Icing sugar - to dust
The Bud

First leaf wrapped around

Get a small ball of Regalice about the size of a ping pong ball. Roll in you hands until it softens and become more pliable. Divide into 7 small balls.
Shape the first ball into almost a bowling pin shape. Shape the second into a tear drop shape and wrap around the first ball. Continue with the remainder of the balls, shaping into a tear drop shape and wrapping around the main bud. gently smooth the joins of the petals and, very gently, slightly pull the petals away from the bud to fan out the rose.
Leave to air dry

Icing sugar to dust

Dust a clean surface with icing sugar. Roll out a small amount of regalice. cut out a small leaf from the rolled out icing with sharp knife, indent the leaves with the knife to create the veins. You can buy leaf cutters to speed this process up and make them a bit neater. Drape over a rolling pin  and leave to dry, this gives them their curved shape.

Attaching to cake
Buy a little pot of edible glue from a cake craft shop or online, its cheap and effective. Brush the bottom of the rose and place on the cake, leave to dry.

Icing sugar is your best friend, rub your hands and surface with it when shaping, stops the icing sticking.


  1. That cake is fab! I'm sure it'll look as good as it tastes!

  2. look at YOU! so fancy mate! is this a side of you we'll see a bit more of? Did you make the cake or have I missed a post?

  3. nah this is just a one off i reckon. maybe next year...