Monday, 25 October 2010

Roundhay Fox, Leeds

Right, where to start with this one.
The Roundhay Fox is a nice looking pub next to Roundhay Park and Tropical World. Traditional in design and very large with multiple rooms away from the large bar. We headed up there a couple of weeks ago for Sunday lunch.
When we got there the pub was rammed and there the problems began. After eventually finding a table a rather nervous waitress came over and took our drinks and food order. The drinks themselves took 20 minutes to arrive, after again asking for them. When they did arrive we were told there would be a 30 minute wait for food, surely this information would be better when the actual order was taken? 40 minutes after the actual order the starters arrived and we were told that the wait time for food had increased to an hour but because we had ordered earlier we might be ok.
I do not blame the waitress for the bad service at all, it was her first day, obviously thrown into the deep end with little training and didn't even have a finish time for her shift.

For my starter I ordered minestrone and pumpkin soup which can only be described as very bland, lacked any seasoning and the pumpkin was non existent. My main of roast beef was better, the beef was well cooked, juicy and pink and the gravy was delicious. Shame about the packet Yorkshire puddings though but by this point I was happy to have any food. We decided to skip dessert having been there for two hours already. The final bill for four came to around £50.

I think the problem with this place is the menu or menus. They had essentially three on the go. The usual everyday menu, the fixed price Sunday menu and a roast menu on a blackboard. Now to me this is idiotic. The kitchen would have to be huge to cope with that amount of choice especially for a place this big. Surely a better option would be to have one Sunday menu consisting of different roasts and a few veggie options and concentrate on making them brilliant, with real yorkshire puddings for example, they are already part way there because the beef and gravy was worth returning for.

It's a shame really, I was looking forward to eating here, I may try again for an evening meal but I will give Sundays a wide berth in future.

Roundhay Fox
Princes Avenue,
01132 693352

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