Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mixed Nut Slices - The OH's Random Recipe

 The Food Nut (Editor: the glorious owner of this blog) set me the task of doing the random recipe challenge over at Belleau Kitchen this month, which was baking. He also took the liberty to pick the random recipe, and I was smugly informed that the recipe was mixed nut slices, from the Hummingbird Bakery book - Cake Days. He was smug because this recipe involved my worst fear... pastry! I set about making the tray bake, which involved a variety of nuts held on with a syrupy sugary mixture, and battled with the pastry for a good 20 minutes. Rolling and re-rolling, it seemed to break whenever I attempted to lift it into the tray. The end result was a lovely sugary short crust with a sticky and crunchy topping.

Perfect with a cup of tea or for a summers picnic.


  1. omg i'm so impressed he got you to bake!... I can NEVER get The Viking to do much in the kitchen, so good on you Gary!... it looks pretty impressive too... i hope you enjoyed playing along with the challenge, it certainly sounds like it was a bit tricky but with great results... Thanks so much for taking part this month... I hope you make it a monthly tradition x

  2. Lovely to have you join in and I must say this looks yummy. I would love the banoffee too but if I could only have one, I would go for the nuts. I have this book too but tend to skip recipes where I have to do pastry!

  3. This looks great. Who wouldn't be tempted by 'a lovely sugary short crust with a sticky and crunchy topping'. GG