Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fruit Muffins

This is a nice little recipe that I use with Year 7's as an introduction to baking. Mainly because it's an all in one method which makes it very easy but there a variety of different measurements required so it gives the future master chefs plenty of practice.

The recipe is very adaptable, the ones you see in the picture are blueberry but they will will work with any fruit, chocolate, toffee... whatever takes your fancy. My personal favourites are banana and white chocolate chips and raspberry with dark chocolate chips.

Fruit Muffins
Ingredients (makes 6)
125g plain Flour
1.5tsp baking powder
85g Caster sugar
55g Butter
85ml Milk
1 egg
about 50g -100g of your chosen ingredients

Simply add all the ingredients apart from the fruit, chocolate etc... into a bowl.
Beat together with a electric hand whisk or by elbow power until smooth with a dropping consistency.
Add your chosen ingredient and mix in gently.
Using a tablespoon, pour into individual muffin cases.
Bake in a preheated oven (180C/160Cfan) for 10-15 minutes until risen and golden.


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  1. lucky year 7's to have them as your teacher with such yummy treats like this... yes please sir!