Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Home Cured Bacon

Awhile ago I began the process of making my own bacon, the entire process took about 5 days from beginning to end, then knowing I wouldn't be around to eat it for awhile, I wrapped it up and put it in the freezer...then forgot about it.

Well no more!!


Making my own bacon was very simple, all I had to do was make the rub and then once a day drain off the resulting water seepage and re-rub the bacon. at the end of the week I simply rinsed off the excess rub, patted dry and voila! bacon was born.

So then to the main event.

I removed it from the icy depths of my freezer and sliced off a few slices and just look at it, perfect streaky bacon.

Then I fired up a frying pan, about 1-2 minutes each side until crispy, no white rubbish seeping out here.

So how did it taste?
Just wow, it is light years away from the crap sold in supermarkets, deep porky flavour, bursts of salt and an underlying sweetness followed by little hits of pepper, just superb.

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