Thursday, 2 February 2012

Farmhouse Orange Victoria Sponge - Weekly Bake off

Another blogger/twitter challenge that I have discovered this week is based on the quite legendary Mary Berry.

It is run by Amy at who is on a quite an admirable mission to make every single Cake/Bake in Mary Berry's 100 cakes and bakes and has invited everyone along to take part. The challenge is a weekly one, with a new cake or bake randomly picked. This week the recipe was to make a Farmhouse Orange Victoria Sponge.
I was quite pleased with this choice because its all well and good to make crazy cakes with fancy techniques but sometimes you do need to go back and make the classics and this one with a slight orangey twist was perfect for that.

For this recipe, I increased the volume of ingredients a little bit because my tins are bigger than the recommended size but other than that the recipe was about as simple as it gets but with very tasty results as you can see. Orange works very well with a victoria sponge, it gives a sweet citrusy taste without the sharp tang that you would get with a lemon cake.

Go and treat yourself to the book (its only a fiver on amazon) and join in. This recipe is on page 28.


P.S. Many thanks to Amy for emailing the recipe to me so I could take part, my book is still on order.

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