Thursday, 23 February 2012

Clandestine Cake Club - The One Show Special

While wasting away a pleasant afternoon wandering round Leeds and sampling some of the cities fine watering holes, I received a tweet followed by an urgent phone call from Lynn Hill, Founder of the CCC and The Secret Tea Room, asking if I was free on the Wednesday for an impromptu Cake club. This wasn't just a normal cakey gathering however, this was a special one set up for filming for The One Show, so naturally I said yes and started planning a cake to be made.

The day itself
The main problem I faced, was cooking in someone else's kitchen, it's annoying to put it simply. No ingredients you need, unsure where or if there was the required equipment, using an oven I wasn't confident with, I could go on.
Anyways I trekked out at 8am to find all the required ingredients including Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb and then legged it back to crack on with the baking.

Fortunately it all went to plan and there were no baking disasters or cake wrecks so I headed out for my television debut!

Arriving at the rather stylish Food Academy at Flannels, I met Lynn and a few other cakey people that I already knew plus two film crew and the presenter Matt Allwright.
I wont give two much detail of how it was filmed because that would be boring but basically it was like a normal cake club with people chatting, stuffing their faces (gracefully I might add, it's for telly) with cake but all the while being filmed by a camera crew and with Matt chatting to us about the whole concept (as well as getting some cake down him, perks of the job eh?)

Below are a few examples of the cakes that turned up, delicious the lot of them.

It was a very interesting and fun day and if you would like to see my face on telly or my cake which was the rhubarb and custard one the watch The One Show at 7pm on the 24th Feb or Iplayer it afterwards.
My Cake being presented to Camera
Me and Matt


  1. Hey congratulations! What a great way to spend the day! Your cake (and all the others!) look yummy.

    By the way, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. (you don't need to be on wordpress to be able to be nominated) Have fun!
    Go to to see what you need to do.


  2. Ooh the cakes and yours on telly! In awe :)