Monday, 30 January 2012

Passion Fruit Melting Moments - The Other Half bakes...

After a hard day's work winding up year 7's I looked forward to getting home, making a coffee, putting my feet up and basically chilling with a bit of trashy early evening TV. Instead I get home to find chaos, absolute carnage raging in my kitchen. The Other Half baked. Imagine a sort of baking Vietnam. Flour coating every conceivable surface, a hand print of egg white smeared down the window, the oven emitting flames and vast clouds of smoke and in the midst of it all, in the centre of the floor, rocking back and forth, head between knees, cursing the very existence of baked goods was the Other Half.

OK it didn't happen quite like that but I'm sure it did while I wasn't there.

For the days baking, the Other Half decided to delve into Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet, you know that elusive baking book that only a few people of heard of. She opted for the tasty sounding Passion Fruit Melting Moments

Recipe available here:

The book describes these as custard creams from Down Under and they are very good indeed. Buttery shortbread type biscuit with a sweet but slightly tangy filling with the odd crunch from the passion fruit seeds. Yum



  1. conjours up such incredible images... I've been doing a lot of 'rocking naked in the corner' recently... but lovely melting moments

  2. I love melting moments! I thought about a passion fruit one - but gave out to chocolate which also works well but I do think there are many more possibilities. Enjoy half term when it gets here - I can not wait!