Saturday 19 March 2011

Scales, Spons and Horses

A month or so ago, the Bakelady over at told us about a comment she wrote on another blog post talking about how they had received free chocolates from a website called Appliances online for commenting on another blog post of a person who had also received something and so on. From this comment the Bakelady was the lucky recipient of a set of cake tins simply for commenting on a blog.

So following the trend, she wrote about it on her blog, 'when it pays to never look a gift horse in the mouth' and invited people to comment on what they would like.

What my kitchen desperately needed was a decent set of scales, preferably electronic because it is just not fun balancing a large bowl (the original measuring bowl was lost) on top of a tiny set of mechanical scales and trying to measure out ingredients without the bowl crashing to the floor.

A few weeks later and having thought no more about it, I received a pleasant email from Ian at Appliances Online about my comment and they offered me a set of electronic scales which I duly accepted.

The twitter conversation about the original post was also noticed by Neal Robertson, the inventor of the Spon who also offered us both a set of Spons to try out and which have proved very useful especially for pancake batter recently.

So now I invite you to comment on this post about what you want or need in your kitchen and you never know you might be the lucky recipient of a gift.

Many thanks to Neal and Ian for their useful additions to my kitchen.


  1. Love the photo of your old scales! I would love a Kenwood chef or a Kitchen Aid. Failing that the new Spons look interesting. Would be useful for my blueberry pancakes.

  2. Quite hilarious! It's like Pay It Forward for blogs! I would love a new large pyrex mixing bowl as I dropped mine recently and it broke. I'm lost without it. ... I'll let you know how I get on!

  3. As I'll be venturing out into the big bad world of flat sharing again, I will need lots of new kitchen things. I mostly need saucepans. And Cutlery. And pyrex bowls. And pie dishes. And ramekins - I've always wanted ramekins. And plates and bowls.

    Argh now I feel stressed! Well done on your bits Gary, like those scales.

  4. Fabulous that you've now got electronic scales. I love mine - they make baking that little bit easier! I love the idea of the Spon - looks great. Failing that, I'd really like a knife sharpener. Fingers crossed....

  5. your electronic machine for Scales, Spons and Horses is good.

  6. Nice blog and I have visited your Bakelady blog also and found it great.