Friday, 7 September 2012

Lamb with Couscous, Mauritiania. Olympic Food Challenge

The second of the new set of countries given to me on the reboot of the challenge was Mauritania, a large country on the west side of Africa.

Oh great, another lesser known African country, cue some form of stewed meat and vegetables.

Well knock me down with a feather...

Recipes for this country are very scarce and choice was not something i had much of for this country so i opted for a dish of lamb and couscous.

Recipe here: Lamb Couscous

A fairly simple recipe this one involving stewing all the meat and vegetables for about 2 hours until they are all soft and tender. The recipe unnerved me slightly with its apparently lack of any flavourings or seasonings so not fancying a bland dish I dropped a veg stock pot and plenty of salt and pepper in there as well.

Surprisingly this tasted rather good. the stew was delicious and morish and when served with the couscous it  gave it little bursts of sweet fruit which complimented it very well. Definitely one to make again during the winter months.

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