Saturday 7 July 2012

My Cookbooks and Kitchen - A Random Recipe for Chaos

This months Random Recipe Challenge at Belleau Kitchen was to cook a photo of our cookbooks/kitchens.....hang on... what? take a photo? no cooking involved this month?

*breaks out into a mild panic*


*downs a cup of tea*

OK I'm good.

The actual challenge is to take a photo of where we store our collection of cookbooks in order for our readers to get an insight into the lives and homes of the bloggers that produce the vast amount of lovely posts.

The Main Book Shelf

This is the main location for my collection and consists of a few other items as well as cookbooks. The whisky is purely for cooking.....honestly....ahem moving on.
The little trinkets are a couple of /birthday/Christmas presents and the certificate is one I worked very hard to achieve and is one of the items I'd grab if the place was burning down.

The coffee table.
Here lies the coffee table books, namely the ones that are too big for the bookshelf, these are The Fat Duck Cookbook  and the stunning Thai Street Food by David Thompson. Underneath is my collection of food mags in a shoebox and the surrounding areas where I have collected slightly too many.

The engine room

Here is my kitchen where the magic chaos reigns supreme. I have only had this kitchen for a year and it is three times the size of the one I had previously (ah the joys of rented accommodation). Usually the place is a bombsite, cleaning up is not my strong point.

So there you have it, my food world, make yourself at home.


  1. Oooh I would love that Thai Street Food book. Have you made much from it? Are there any easy things in it?
    Did you do a massive clean for the RR challenge? Hee hee - Dom is making us all get our kitchens in order - the power that man has!

    1. haven't made anything from it actually, just usually read and drool. gonna have to correct that though.

      Yep I tidied it, took ages.

  2. Wow - your kitchen looks spotless! Feeling like I should at least have washed the dishes before I took my photos now... oops! As a Scot I approve of the whisky collection ;o)

  3. Mega tidy kitchen - impressed! Love that everyone has a 'main' cookbook shelf and then all those other piles of stuff round the house!

  4. I am also impressed with your tidy kitchen... did you rent a different home for this photoshoot like they do in hello magazine? (actually nobody's sent me a fake home yet and I SO would have done that!!!) very nice collection of books and it does seem popular that we all have our books all over the place... thanks so much for entering and I apologise for not asking you to cook anything!

    1. That would have been easier than cleaning it, damn it.

  5. Like Dom, I am also impressed with your tidy kitchen. Lovely collection of cookbooks and the whisky is just for cooking you say?! Come on.. :)

  6. I would post mine but i'm in the process of moving house. I can however confirm that I have random stashes of cookbooks littered throughout the house!

  7. Way too tidy a kitchen for a young man. Maybe I could hire you to teach my son how to clean and tidy his kitchen....what are your hourly rates? His usually gets tidied by me while I wait for the kettle to boil when I make myself a drink when I'm there.

    Brilliant selection of cook books, I love all the neatly lined up whiskey bottle boxes too.

    Sue xx

  8. That Thai Street Food book is amazing. I'm very envious. Have you made anything from the Fat Duck Book? We all seem to have bought Short and Sweet. I love that book. GG

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