Sunday, 10 March 2013

Purple Sprouting Broccoli with a Tahini Dressing

I like trying new food, who doesn't. Not just the actual food but new techniques or recipes, perhaps a new culture but usually it's just a case of what's that, what does it taste like and what do I do with it.

Currently in my fridge there is a kilo of goat meat waiting to be cooked due to that exact reason but more about that in a future post.
On my recent trips to my local market, which admittedly is not as good as some of the large city markets such as Leeds, Doncaster or at the top end of the scale Borough Market in London, it's produce is limited, like any market, to what its customer wants so it's a fairly standard affair,  I occasionally spot something I haven't tried, in this case it was a box of Purple Sprouting Broccoli (PSB).

I was even more intrigued to try it after reading the recipe suggestions in last weeks Guardian thanks to the ever reliable Hugh encouraging us to treat it with the same reverence as asparagus, well that sold me because I love asparagus and I'm currently counting down the days until that's in season.

I opted for the middle recipe in the above article because of the jar of tahini that's been sitting all alone in my cupboard. The recipe was delicious, the PSB still had a slight earthy sweetness which complemented well with the sour nuttiness of the dressing. It was very easy to cook, I don't have a griddle pan so had to make do with a frying pan but even without the char marks it was still very good. Will definitely be making this again alongside the recipe for PSB Rarebit I have just found in River Cottage Veg.


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