Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Goat Curry - A Random Recipe

This month at Belleau Kitchen HQ, our task was to randomly select a recipe from cuttings, clippings and handwritten recipes that most people have stashed away somewhere. Bit of a problem this one for me as I don't tend to keep clippings and the like but a few weeks ago before this challenge was announced I bought a paper within which was a few recipes to do with goat and mutton which I decided to pull out and keep because I wanted to have a go at cooking with goat, so this is technically a bookmarked recipe....however....bare with me because I'm going to make this Random.

I rarely get a weekend to myself but by some coincidence I was free this certain Saturday so I decided to head into town to stock up with stuff from the market. Having spent a good ten minutes shopping, I randomly decided to go and have a well earned pint, unfortunately, by some random coincidence I had left my Kindle at home so I went to buy a paper to read with my beer which happened to be the very paper that held the recipe I am submitting for the Random Recipe Challenge.

Anyone buy that?

Anyway...Goat! a new ingredient for me so I was very intrigued to see what it was like.

First impressions are it is a tough cut with lots of annoying chunks of bone, I don't know if this is standard but this is how it came when I bought it. It definitely requires long slow cooking in order to release the tasty meat from the bone. I recommend if your goat comes with lots of bones that you cook the curry and leave it to cool completely, then remove the meat from the bones and sift through with your hands or a sieve to pick out the remaining tiny bits.
Being in a curry It was difficult to get a taste of the actual meat but it cooks very tenderly and is a very lean meat, it is very cheap as well with a kilo costing about £5 and there is easily 4 plus portions in this recipe.

Personally I can't see me cooking it again with goat I would probably substitute with beef cheeks for a lot less hassle.

Recipe for the goat curry plus a few mutton ones are available here.



  1. totally sold... and such a rare and random coincidence!.... I absolutely adore a goat curry, nothing bette but it does need a long slow cook to remove those tricky bones and sometimes it simply just isn't worth it... but thank you SO much for entering x

  2. Very random! I adore goat curry too, the flavours go well with spices but yes, it is a real faff. I usually stick to the cheat's version and just use lamb instead. This does look like a great recipe though.

  3. Goat is one meat I have never tried, but I'm intrigued! I struggle with spicy stuff (unfortunately), but I really want to make this for the Mr - he's a curry connoisseur!

    I'm really enjoying your food journey on your blog, so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    I hope you'll take part!


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