Monday, 12 December 2011

Saffron Peach Cake

I appear to have found the baking bug, I blame Dan Lepard, every time I flick through his book I find something else to have a go at making. This one from the cake section leapt out at me last night and scanning through the ingredients I had nearly everything already in my cupboard...apart from saffron....jeez you need a bank loan to buy any of this stuff, £3.50 for half a gram! but no matter it's not as if buying it is a regular occurrence.

I am submitting this for Karen and Kate's Tea Time Treats challenge (Christmas theme, chosen by Kate) because it's a little different than the usual cakes at this time of year plus it's got icing sugar sprinkled on it so it looks like snow.....*clutches straw*

Recipe available here:

Soft, nutty, sweet, juicy.....oh just make it already it's blooming lovely.


  1. I LOVE saffron and peaches and in a cake? Divine! Love the photos and the cake is perfect for our Festive Tea Time Treats! Thanks for entering! Karen

  2. You most certainly don't need to be clutching at any straws Gary- this looks the most tasty entry, thank you very much!

  3. Looks fab Gary! Isn't Dan such an inspiration? I love it!

  4. What an intriguing combination of flavours. Definitely a lovely Christmas treat. Wish I could have a slice....