Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Espresso and Brazil Nut Cake

Like nearly every food blogger, amateur baker, cake lover and general worshipper of sweet stuff, recently I received  a copy of Dan Lepard's Short & Sweet. I currently have yet to find a bad review of this book and after finally getting round to making something from it, I cant imagine I will be the first. I've had this book a couple of weeks now and being chopping and changing with what I was going to bake first. After narrowing it down to the cake section, this one jumped out at me.

There is lot of debate about whether to put recipes from books on blogs nowadays and with this book being fairly recently published I decided not to publish the recipe for this cake. However after a quick Google search I found the recipe here on the Guardian Website but I highly recommend you buy this book.

Great choice I think for the first recipe, easy to make and with lovely flavours and texture. The coffee in the cake is subtle apart from the odd strong wave from the icing and the brazil nuts provide a superb texture to the cake crumb. My cake tins are a little bigger than the recommended, therefore mine is a little thinner than it should be, still tastes good though.


  1. I've tagged you for the Food Bloggers Unplugged started by Susan from A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate - hope you can pass it on! Just go to my blog and you will see the questions you have to answer etc.

  2. looks amazing!... I think this book is going to be like Delia's Complete Cookery Course, soon every household will have a copy!

  3. I adore coffee flavoured/infused cake. Utterly delicious. Definitely need to look into this book.

  4. great cake love Dan excited as I just ordered his book :-) my Grandparents live in Lincolnshire

  5. HI there, you touch on the subject of whether or not you should post recipes from a book on a blog. The answer is, please don't! The writer of a book needs to sell books to earn some money, and it's only too easy for a substantial part of a book's contents to end up on the net, without permission, across a number of websites each of which may only publish one or two recipes. But the end result is, nobody buys the book. Also, recipes and books are copyright, and buying a book doesn't give you the authority to then redistribute and republish its contents in another medium where other people can access it.

    Sorry if that's all a bit of a downer, but too much of my time now is spent trying to get recipes replaced by links to the original website (which will have commissioned - paid for - the work) or simply to the book on Amazon. In this case, it's really worth buying Short & Sweet as every chapter and many of the individual recipes have really useful information and tips which are not available anywhere online.