Thursday, 24 February 2011

Plumed Horse, Edinburgh

The Plumed Horse is a one star Michelin restaurant located on Leith Docks, Edinburgh. The restaurant is at the top of the street that is referred to as the Michelin Mile consisting of the Plumed Horse, Restaurant Martin Wishart and The Kitchin.

The restaurant itself is very cosy with a max of about 20 tables on two levels. We were warmly greeted and our jackets taken but we were however 20 minutes early (makes a change for us), the restaurant were very accommodating and informed us that it wouldn't be a problem but there would be a small delay in taking our order, which we were fine with. We were shown to our seats and given the menus to browse and very delicious canapes to enjoy.

We each opted for the 6 course tasting menu with coffee and petit fours at £65 per head.

Veloute of Cauliflower, Quail Egg, Chives

 Sauteed Fillet of Sea Bream, Hand Dived Scallop, Chickpea, Smoked Haddock & Crab Casserole, Saffron & Mild Curry Spices

Terrine of Woodpigeon & Foie Gras and Thyme Brioche.

 Loin of Venision, Clapshot, Shallot puree, Duchesse Potato and venison jus.

 This was the pre dessert and was like a little lemon meringue in a glass

Honey & Clotted Cream Parfait, Mulled Wine Poached Plums

Petit Fours 

As you can see from the pictures, all the food was beautiful and it tasted beautiful as well. I could talk about each dish but I don't want to bore you so I'll just do highlights. My personal favourite was the loin of venison, it was cooked to perfection, soft and juicy and I could have literally eaten that over and over. The richest dish was the fois gras and wood pigeon, this was the third course and as divine as it was especially with the beautiful brioche, I was glad there was a break between that course and the main because I was struggling after it. The fish dish was also superb, the soft sea bream combined with creaminess of scallop went very well with the delicate curry flavours of the sauce.

Service was excellent, informative, friendly and not overbearing. The restaurant does not turn its tables allowing for very calm and unrushed service. The meal overall including the coffee took a good 3 hours which just breezed by. 

Overall, excellent value for a Michelin tasting menu, the experience and service received. It stands up well next to its more well known neighbours.

50-54 Henderson St
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH6 6DE
0131 554 5556

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  1. ooh that sounds good, and looks so pretty.

  2. sounds good, have not been yet as have been favouring The Kitchin and Castle Terrace but might give it a try. Good to see a review from a non-edinburgh blogger!

  3. I'll be sure to try the Plumed Horse out, looks fantastic! It's great to see michelin star restaurants offering dishes at reasonable prices like this. My personal favorite in Edinburgh is the Number One restaurant, which also has a really good michelin starred menu. The Kitchin is another really good one that I always enjoy.