Sunday, 13 February 2011

Clandestine Cake Club - Sweet Valentine

The sequel to Cake Cornucopia. this time held in the location of the Secret Tea Room due to a cancellation of the previous venue.

The theme this time was Sweet Valentine - show your love and affection for baking with delicious sweet decorations and flavours, over the top hearts and flowers

Me and my fellow bakers responded to this brilliantly with over the space of an hour cake after cake kept arriving each as delicious looking as the last, the amount of sugar eventually putting a fellow guest to sleep amidst the chatter afterwards.

Many thanks to our hostess for opening her home to accommodate us all.

I think that's enough from me, I'll let the cakes do the talking.....

My Chocolate, Truffle and Honeycomb cake
Lynn's Lemon and Lime Cake
Karoline's Kentish Chocolate Cake
Helen's Lemon Merigune Cake

Mikes Spiced apple and beetroot
Clair's Vanilla Rose Cake
Eleanor's Blueberry Cake
Lucy's Chocolate and ginger cake

Steph's Chocolate and Raspberry
Georgiana's Cherry and Almond birthday cake

Jealous yet? Come along to the next one then.

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