Wednesday 26 February 2014

Salted Chocolate Lime Mousse

One month I will not leave these blogger challenges to the last minute. I have had this recipe picked out since the start of the month with plenty of free weekends to carry it out in a leisurely manner but instead I end up cooking it right before the deadline, I'll never learn.

This month at Belleau Kitchen HQ our Lord Commander of Random Recipes as teamed up with Choclette over at Chocolate Log Blog with the always excellent We Should Cocoa blogger challenge. So as you can probably figure it out, this months challenge is a random chocolate challenge.

Also, the monthly Tea Time Treats Challenge, hosted by Karen and Janie and in residence this month at Karen's stunning blog; Lavender and Lovage has the theme of Chocolate, so I am entering this recipe to that as well. 3 birds with one stone if you will.

The book I chose is not random but it is a book I have not yet used and it is Our Hugh's River Cottage Fruit Everyday, the follow up to the brilliant Veg Everyday. The recipe I randomly chose was a Salted Chocolate lime mousse.

I was very pleased to land on this for a few reasons. I have never made a mousse before and I am keen to give it ago and the fact that it was salted chocolate was the other reason.

Salted chocolate is not a new thing, it's been around awhile but it is a fascinating piece of food science in which the actual salt does not make it salty (unless you pour it on) but instead suppresses the bitter notes of the chocolate and enhances the sweet notes, good eh?

The recipe itself was very simple but make sure you have three bowls ready as scrambling (not even sorry for that pun) around for a bowl whilst holding an egg yolk is a bit tricky. The end result was a bit unexpected and I think I may have gone wrong at some point, the picture in the book shows a dark chocolate mousse but as you can see, mine looks a bit different. Anybody got any tips?

The mousse, aesthetic qualities aside, was lovely, light and fluffy, very chocolaty combined with tangy lime. Rich but refreshing in a strange way.

The recipe is available here on the Guardian website, about halfway down, if you fancy giving it a go.


  1. A BRILLIANTLY written post Gary, with wit and humour, as always and a LOVELY tea time treats entry too! THANKS! Karen

  2. Gosh it sounds divine. I love the combination of lime and chocolate and in mousse form it sounds quite ethereal as well. I can't quite see what's going on in the picture, but maybe the chocolate didn't melt properly? Or everything was too cold when you combined it with the other ingredients, so the chocolate hardened? Not sure, but I'd be very happy to eat it for you. Thanks for joining in with the challenge.

  3. how could I miss this... amazing!... love citrus with chocolate so i know i'd love this, thanks so much for taking part x

  4. The flavor combinations in this look fantastic. Brilliant! I will definitely give it a go! Thanks for sharing