Thursday, 22 August 2013

Turkey Leg with a Barbecue Sauce

I have walked through Leeds Market more times than I can remember, either for wander to soak up the atmosphere of a bustling market and to have a nosy at the food or it's to stock up on some fine produce.

Usually, it's the normal selection of fish, meat and veg and rarely something a bit different catches my eye, However these beauties required a double take. my first thought is that these chickens had grown up near a nuclear plant or something but on closer inspection they were Turkey legs and good God in Heaven are they huge, I have put one up against a wine bottle to give you an idea, the other one I bought was the bigger of the two.

Seeing this took me straight back to holidays in America, where roasted ones of this size were available at a popular theme park, so naturally I bought two for the bargain price of £1.75 each. One of these I reckon will feed about 3 people, with sides obviously. (or one very greedy person)

To cook them I planned to treat it like any roast chicken as it was big enough and marinate then roast in a Barbecue Sauce that @feastandglory cooked recently for her little gathering, which is superb little recipe with just the right amount of sweetness and heat.

Alternatively if you can't get hold of a turkey leg, get some chicken thighs, drench them in the sauce and roast for about 40 mins. 

Turkey Leg with Barbecue Sauce
1 turkey leg
3 spring onions, chop up the entire thing, green stems and all
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped.
1 scotch bonnet, finely chopped. keep the seeds in you wuss.
3 tbsp Dijon mustard
3 tbsp brown sugar
3 tbsp dark soy sauce
3 tbsp dark rum
3 tbsp clear honey
1/2tsp all spice

Take all the marinade ingredients together and mix well until fully combined and saucy.
Poke the turkey leg with a sharp knife all over.
Take a large food bag and place the marinade and the leg in there and seal.
Shake it, rub it, do the conga with it until the leg is well covered in the marinade.
Leave for a minimum of three hours or overnight if you can.
Take a roasting tray and open the bag and empty it's contents into the tray.
Cover the tray with tinfoil and roast for about an hour at 200C.
Baste a few times during cooking.
Stick a thermometer into the leg after the cooking time and if it reads 70C then you are good to go, if not put it back in the oven for 10 minutes.
Leave to rest then eat in whatever way you see fit, go all medieval on it if you like.



  1. jesus it's a whopper... love the sauce... was it a bit rangy?

  2. my goodness! that is one huge turkey leg! The marinade sounds awesome... especially with the rum in it :)