Monday, 10 June 2013

The Greedy Pig Supperclub

I spend the vast majority of my weekends in Leeds and have come to know the City quite well, mainly in relation to where is good to eat and drink.

The Greedy Pig is definitely one of these places. It is a simple little cafe run by Jo and Stu that serves bloody good food and even better breakfasts. We took a friend of mine there who has eaten enough breakfasts to give a cardiologist an heart attack and he walked away raving about it.

Over the past two weeks, Leeds has been hosting its annual food festival with the main festivities taking place this weekend in Millennium Square and Victoria Gardens, cue lots of good food, lots of beer and far too much sun for my fair complexion to take.

As part of this, The Greedy Pig, whilst opening their cafe and running a stall in Victoria Gardens they also hosted their very own supper club in Chapel Allerton, the multitasking heroes.

So off we went....

First off was salmon on a bed of new potatoes. this was delicious, perfectly cooked, full of flavour but very light and fresh which was just what was needed after the heavy food and beer of the day.

For the main course we went for Hogget, not a meat I often get chance to eat and it's a shame really because it is lovely. Hogget, if you are wondering, is a sheep aged between 1-2 years old. Lamb is below a year and Mutton is anything over 2 years. So the meat has had time to mature a bit but still lovely and tender.

This was lovely, soft juicy meat, with fennel, asparagus and a vegetable pilaf.

This would have been enough food but it came with a side of heritage tomatoes and new potatoes.

For the third and final course we opted for one of each of the available puddings, a gloriously gooey chocolate brownie, which I nearly ate the entirety of before I was reminded I was supposed to be sharing, and a face wrinkling slice of the Lemon and Raspberry bar. Both a superb end to the meal and available at the cafe if you ask nicely.

All this lovely food cost only £20 each and well and truly ruined the rest of the night as we had planned on cocktails afterwards but after nearly falling asleep in the pub we decided to call it.

Looking forward to the next one.

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