Sunday, 17 June 2012

Spanish style chicken thingy

Tonight tea was the result of a rummage around to see what I could find combined with the inherent laziness a Sunday evening brings on.
I think its something to do with that irritating beeping thing looming ever closer at stupid o clock the next morning. Well with this dish you can forget all that and lose yourself dreaming of sunny Spanish weather and relaxing with a glass of vino while pretending that the lashing rain and howling winds of a British summer is mealy the crashing waves of the beach ahhhh....

With this dish you basically chuck everything in a dish and roast it, I've suggested serving it with spuds and salad but throw the spuds in the dish with everything else to save even more time and effort if you like, don't put the salad in though.

2 chicken legs or 4 thighs
1 red pepper
4 onions
4 cloves of garlic
100g ish chorizo
sprinkling of olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Peel and cut the onions into wedges.
Slice the peppers into strips
Peel and bash the garlic
Chop the chorizo into £1 sized pieces.
Throw everything into a roasting dish and drizzle with  a bit of a oil.
Wrap with foil and roast for an hour at 180C.
Remove the foil and stir the veg and chorizo so they are covered in juices.
Turn the oven up to 200C for about half an hour until the chicken skin gets brown and crispy.

Serve with spuds and a salad

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