Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Quick Cous Cous Salad

I recently received River Cottage Veg Everyday. A truly excellent book that celebrates all things veggie. Being a hardened carnivore it would take something good to make me forgo my usual steak with a side order of steak in a steak sauce. Fortunately this book is that good and chances are I'll stick a few more blogs on here from what I make from it.
One of the first things that caught my eye was this simple salad that I plan to use for lunches at work and perhaps to go with the odd summer barbecue.

The recipe is really simple and almost infinitely adaptable to whatever you fancy or have in the cupboard.

I used the books suggestion of a combo of onions, cucumber, char grilled peppers, feta, tomatoes, Yorkshire rapeseed oil and a mountain of basil simply tossed together with cooked couscous and lemon.



  1. It's a great book isn't it? I have it and use it regularly. There's a great recipe for Singapore noodles you must make! Fab salad!!

  2. would I come across as being defensive and narrow-minded if I say there's no such thing as Singapore noodles in Singapore? We do have lots of delicious fried rice noodles though. THAT SAID, the dish itself is tasty too, just wish it had a different name haha.

    and the salad sounds fab, I love veggies though, so i hardly need much convincing! (: