Saturday, 17 September 2011

Roast Chicken

I do love roast chicken. done properly it would be up there as one of my favourite foods. It baffles me why people are scared to even have a go at it. It's painfully simple and the results are oh so good. Living on my own, roasting a whole bird pretty much sorts out meals for the following few days. This one, which I found while aimlessly wandering round the supermarket in the reduced to clear section (last day of use by date) cost me 3 quid for a large free range chicken and lasted me 3 days, bargain.

Simple Roast chicken
1 whole chicken
vast amounts of  fresh rosemary (or herb of your choice)
1 bulb of garlic. (this is the minimum amount, I've read recipes that range from 40 - 100 cloves of garlic)
lots of olive oil
salt + pepper

Line a roasting dish with tin foil
Stick the chicky in the dish
Drown in olive oil
Scatter as many bulbs of garlic as you wish around it, stick some between the chickens legs and thighs also.
Sprinkle over your choice of herbage
Sprinkle over plenty of salt and pepper
Cover with a tin foil lid and place in a preheated oven at 180C until its done (supermarkets usually put a time on the packet so just use this if not then: 25 mins per 450g plus 15 mins extra.
Baste a few times during the cooking time and for the last 30 minutes take the foil lid off to allow the skin to brown up nicely.



  1. love roast chicken too, maximum satisfaction for minimum effort and ingredients. because I also cook for one, I often just roast chicken legs or thighs though! will try that next time with a whole bird for 3 days, sounds like a great money saver!

  2. I agree with the comment above- such a satisfying meal...or meals! What other dinners have you made from this lovely bird?

  3. it is such a satisfying dish... you MUST try the 10 hour roast chicken, it is SUPERB!!!... now why is a man like you living alone... surely something is wrong here?

  4. Looks great! Three cheers for priced-to-clear chicken! It would fly its way into your cart if it could!