Friday, 3 June 2011

100 Blog Posts

Waaaaay back in the summer of last year, I had finished my degree and waiting for my next qualification to begin in September. One day I got bored and decided to have a go at writing a blog. I figured if I was to stick at it then it would have to be something I was interested in. so what better than food? Pretty much every single part of my life revolves around the stuff in some way so I may as well write about it as well.

I never actually thought I would be sat here writing my 100th post, I figured once I started University again by September I'd get bored with it and leave it to be forgotten in the depths of the Internet but alas no and here I am writing this and wondering what blog post 101 will contain.

It's been a fun 11 months. The blog plus Twitter has opened up many an opportunity and events that otherwise I would never have known about it. So I think to mark 100 posts I'll recap on some highlights:

Birthday cake - easily one of the best cakes I've made and my first venture into sugar craft

Buttermilk scones - the first ever recipe post.

Beef wellington - Christmas Dinner, beats turkey any day

Chicken and papaya curry - The first blogger challenge hosted by Dom at Belleau Kitchen

Chocolate, honeycomb and truffle cake - well just look at it, it's huge!

Fig Tart - another blogger challenge, a thing of beauty.


My Secret Tea Room - hosted by the delightful 'Bakelady' with superb home baking and my first ever underground supper club

The Spice Club - another underground supper club hosted by Monica and her lovely family, superb Indian food.

Test Space Kitchen - a deconstructed whole hog followed by a huge Eton mess in an abandoned run down old building? you couldn't make this stuff up.

Clandestine Cake Club - turn up with a cake in a random location, eat loads more of other peoples cake, meet lots of lovely people. drink tea. - brilliant

Well there you are, a few highlights since I started and I haven't mentioned all the superb restaurants I have visited in Leeds, Sheffield,  London, Edinburgh etc...

Here's to the next hundred, hope you will join me.



  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog post. Keep on bloggin'.

  2. Congratulations! I've just come across your blog- lovely to read your highlights of what sounds like a great year! Hope the next 100 posts are just as fun!

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post! Look forward to reading the next 100 and more.

  4. Congratulation. I have seen your all blog posts. And keep on blogging.
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  5. Congrats to you. I just came across your site and am going to start doing some investigating. Also added you to my blog roll as a gesture from one Gary Foodie to another! Keep it up!

  6. Nice blogging. 100th blog post egh?

    This post is "sweet and nice" as the pictures inserted on it. I like it.