Monday, 18 April 2011

Ale #5 Anchor Steam

Appearance: Golden ale

Aroma: Hoppy, slight caramel

Flavour: Hoppy, Slightly Grainy, hints of caramel. Medium body

Why its on here:
The Anchor Brewery is a small brewery in San Francisco. Anchor steam is it's flagship beer. I first had this on a family holiday to San Francisco when my dad brought me a glass to sneakily drink away from the eyes of the bar and waiting staff (I was 19 and very bitter about being illegal for me to drink again). I wouldnt call it a great beer but drinking it floods back memories of an excellent (albeit a very dry) holiday in a superb city.


  1. Have you tried the Anchor Liberty Ale? It's lovely. Much nicer than the steam beer IMHO.

  2. I have and I agree. This beer however will have that edge just because of the memories it invokes. The porter is also superb