Monday, 24 January 2011

Edinburgh Bars and Pubs

On our visit to the Scottish capital we (naturally) visited some quality bars and pubs that the city had to offer. Below are a selection of my favourites.


 Bow Bar 
My favourite pub in Edinburgh. A small old fashioned pub with old style signs and pictures on the walls. It has about 5 ales on at any one time but its real selling point is its massive collection of malt whiskys with over 200, most of which are on display behind the bar.

Guildford Arms
The first pub we went to on our arrival. A rather nice pub with about 8 ales on at one time usually from Scottish brewers. Styled in a traditional Victorian theme with wooden beams and intricate decorations on the walls and ceilings. It has an excellent atmosphere of an evening time.


Cafe Royal
Situated next to the Guildford Arms, Cafe Royal is a combination of a pub and a restaurant. The main drinking area is the circle bar a stunning room designed with stained glass windows, muriels, mirrors and wood panellings. A good place for a drink.

Jolly Judge
After wandering around the castle for a few hours a beer was needed, so we wandered down the royal mile looking for somewhere new. The Jolly Judge is located down a little alley in between a couple of touristy shops. It is a very cosy pub with a large fire and a good selection of beers. Brew Dog's Alpha dog was on when we visited.


99 Hanover Street
A lovely cocktail bar that was round the corner from our hotel. what impressed me with this place was the care that went into making each drink. The drinks took awhile to reach us after ordering but they were superb and reasonably priced for a city centre cocktail bar.

Under The Stairs
This as the name suggest is an underground bar with an entrance that would put most off but inside was a lovely cosy bar with table service and some of the nicest grazing cheese and meat platters I have seen.

Hard Rock
It's touristy, It's cheesy but I like it. Nuff sed.

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