Monday, 30 August 2010

Camden Lock Market, London

 When you arrive in Camden (by underground I'm assuming) there will be a market on your right hand side called 'The Camden Market' keep walking this is not the place you are wanting. We nearly made this mistake and almost got back on the Underground after 5 minutes.
Walk up Camden high street and keep an eye out for the decorative shop fronts, its worth a walk just to check these out. After awhile you will see a bridge with Camden Lock in big green and yellow letters, congratulations you have arrived in a small slice of food heaven. Turn left towards the canal locks for the main food area.
Camden Lock market is amazing, dozens of food stalls selling everything from tapped coconuts, pina colada filled pineapples, some of the tastiest Chinese food you will try, specialist coffee and tea's, fish and chips, Argentine steak burgers, various Indian creations, milkshakes, freshly made pizza, Turkish wraps, flafal and many many more, chances are if you have a favourite food its probably here. Most stalls, faced with all the competition, offer free samples usually by shouting over to tell you and I reckon you could easily get fed by just wandering around a few times but do buy a few things and keep this market going.
If you take a right turn at the bridge, you will end up in a small foodie section consisting of mainly Chinese stalls although there was one stall that caught my eye that sold huge calzones which looked lovely, in this area there is also a line of vespa scooter seats overlooking the canal to enjoy the many foodie delights available. Further on into this area and you will encounter more shopping stalls selling products including t-shirts and handmade jewellrey.
So if you have a few hours to spare and are very hungry head to Camden and have a wander around.

*I didnt take any decent pictures for some reason (im blaming temporary insanity) so check out the website below or try Google, or visit yourself!

Market Website
Open from 10am daily

Nearest Underground Station: Camden Town

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