Monday, 19 July 2010

La Bottega Milanese, Leeds

Ah coffee, coffee, coffee, what a fine beverage. there is a reason that 7 million ish tons of the stuff is produced annually.
2 years previously to this post I was a simple instant coffee drinker, then I obtained a job at a local catering firm to see me through my final years of university. this gave me constant daily exposure to high quality filter and espresso coffee and I haven't looked back since.
Most people that know me know I love really good coffee and like supporting local businesses, this was reinforced recently by a forced visit (new city, interview in 40 minutes, needed caffeine) to a large chain coffee place whose name i will not dignify by mentioning in this blog (American, green logo, I'll say no more). I received a weak dire expensive latte and a wish that I hadn't bothered.
As a regular visitor to Leeds, a few months ago I discovered a little coffee place on The Calls called La Bottega Milanese which met both these criteria. It is an espresso bar run by a guy called Alex and his very friendly team of baristas, that specialises in decent Italian coffee at excellent prices (£1 for an espresso!!), they also have an happy hour 10 - 11am where coffees are the bargain price of a £1.
The coffee they serve is a beautiful Italian own blend. Each coffee is made carefully and properly and not rushed like in some places. The lattes are perfectly blended and served at drinking temperature and not scorching hot which is how good coffee should be served. The coffee they serve is also available to take home in ground and bean form for the very reasonable price of £3.95. I picked up a bag on my last visit and cannot wait to have my first brew.
They also served a range of freshly made panini's made with proper Italian ingredients and a mouthwatering selection of cake including muffins and cheesecake. I have yet to sample the food delights available so I cannot comment further but I hear good things from those who have.

*Update 3/9/10* i recently took advantage of an offer for a regular coffee and a lasagne for the bargain price of £5, the lasagne was rich, meaty and very morish it was served with a little side salad of salad greens and tomatoes with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. excellent food at a superb price.

The only downside I can think of for this place is that it is a little bit out of the centre for most people to pick up a coffee but for coffee this good it's more than worth it.
If you are in Leeds, fancy a genuine Italian coffee from people who care what they are serving then head to The Calls and hunt this place out, Go Go Goooooo
The Calls,

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  1. Nice to see that you've found this little Gem of a place. I measure the taste of all other coffee by Alex's High standards.